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Discussion in 'TENNESSEE RIVERS TALK' started by nagman, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. nagman

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    Today I went to Lock C with a few friends not to good some snags fish jumping all around and only one blue about 5 LBS on shad. Is there anyone else around clarksville having any luck? Does anyone know where the skipjack are?
  2. vaccouple

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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    Bill, I know i havent had much luck lately my wife caught one flathead tuesday afternoon down in the Red River. Today we went to ky lake and beam fished and put out a few jugs a few bites that cleaned the hooks but no cats. Skipjacks you can try Cheatman Dam I have heard that they are there but have not went. A few weeks ago I caught some at trice landing and down off riverside and crossland.


  3. bdporch

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    Ok i had some good luck last 2 weeks both bass and catfish. Catfish hitting big worms and big minnows, dunno why they arent hitting shad as good as minnows. All we been catching are channells using jugs fishing 4-8 feet deep. I was fishing up the larger creeks such as yellow, dyers, etc.... skipjack are abundant in the creeks, caught 10-12 yesterday on small crankbait while bass fishing lol small gray and silver crankbait almost looked like shad bluegil mix. Guy i was fishin with was catching em on a spinner bait. The rockfish (stripers) are in the creeks not huge ones but we caught several over 6lbs. I will ty to put up some pics today..as far as lock c i fish there alot, but the fishing hard there, you would do better at bellwood, commissary ridge, cross creeks, using corks and suspended bait. Hope this helps.