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    Hey Colsrod-I was fishing about 15 mile south of Zanesville-I only know of one deep hole in the lower Zanesville pool,other then almost to the Philo Dam.They are some pretty good holes here and there but about 15 ft. is about as deep as I know in that pool.Good fishing and be safe.
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    Yeah, that's what I thought. At least the area that I fish, there just are not any holes that are over 20ft. I do know of 1 place in my fishing area that is about 18-19ft, in normal water conditions. When I was there a couple of days ago, it was at the 14-15ft range. However, the area is not very large, and actually isn't in a place that I would really want to fish. 100 yards up from that hole, near the shore, it drops to about 3-4 ft. :)