Location for bigger bream?

Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by Gibbzilla, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Gibbzilla

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    East Texas
    Well, a local pond is full o' bream, but it's hard for the little ones not to tear up the bait. I know setting the cork deeper helps, but I got a question. The bream bite best close to the bank and under trees, so would it be worth it to cast near the center of the pond, and would I catch bigger bream? I know the bite would be slower out there.
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    The little ones make better bait unless you are trying to set a record. Fish for the little ones and as the population is reduced you will start catching more big ones. A friend who fishes a lot more than I do has access to an old granite quary that is maybe 2 acres. There is almost no soil. there is both 30 ft and shallow water. Three years ago when we started getting bait there we didn't see any big ones. This year there are some big ones but the only ones we have removed are for stocking some other ponds. For catching blues under 10 lb a small piece of bait is better than a big one. We can set out traps and catch a few hundred at a time. With a pole we can catch 50 in an hour. The average size has increased significantly and the large ones we didn't see before.