Locating Skip Jack Herring

Discussion in 'Skipjack Herring' started by tbull, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. tbull

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    SW Ohio
    I know most of us wait around until the skips make their yearly "run" to whatever area they tend to flock to, but that being said these things dont just disappear. Anyone have any different methods of locating skips when they are not all stacked into one area??? I think next weekend is gonna be a strickly bait weekend for me, if it takes me all day to get some then so be it, anyone have any success at specific times of the day? Maybe getting them in other areas that alot of people wouldnt look?? Just curious..
  2. lforet2002

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    Right at dusk and the way to find them is to find the shad or minnows on top of the water..9 times outa 10 it'll be skipjack herding those baitfish to the surface..Was down in the river last night right before the sun went down and all of a sudden you could see schools of minnows coming thru and bam caught 4 within a few minutes just enough to use for bait for the night..

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    If you do find them don't be shy about where :wink: