Local takes out Infisherman on the Missouri River

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    Troy, Missouri
    Went to Tombstone Tackle in Columbia today. My goal was to get 2 surge rods… well… I exceeded my goal… just recently lost an anchor and was planning on making it like the one cuz appropriated from Vince, looked down in front of the surge rods and there were several. Talked with the man who made them and just brought them in… we had some fishing stories going… the owner Adam, just got word earlier that one of his sponcers hammered the blues on the Mo. when he took out Infisherman - Hoffman… a lot of fish caught, can’t remember exact # but large fish was low 60’s then some 40’s and I believe some 30’s… all were taken on skipjack heads. No word yet of when or how it will be aired.
    He also said he got a call from bass pro shop wanting to carry his surge rods, we encouraged him not to. Looks like his mind was already made up not to.
    Can’t wait to try out the new anchor on the Missouri. The rod, what can I say but… sweet… plan on logging in many of catfish and hopefully it will be for a lifetime… much of my tackle is wearing out, definitely will replace it with quality equipment like this.
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    Michael thanks for sharing an interesting story. I have one question. If the surge rod is a quality rod , why would you not want Bass Pro to carry it? Lots of distribution/competition will help hold the prices down and offer better availability. Thanks for your thoughts.:confused2: