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Discussion in 'LOCAL WISCONSIN TALK' started by photocat, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    I'm coming up to the Fredonia area for my friends HS graduation this up coming June, i was wondering if any of the WI members could suggest a spot to go for good fishing in the area and also if anyone knows where i can get a license when i get up there. Anything with in about 1/2 an hr seems to be fair game for me while im up there...
  2. christian

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    I've heard that the rivers around fredonia are god, I just don't no which ones

  3. WIcatter

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    Plainfield, Wis
    A license can be purchased at about any Wallymart. Nonresident 1-day is $10, nonresident 4-day is $24, nonresident 15-day is $28. Where to fish depends on how far you want to drive. If your looking for cats, the best bet would be Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh up to Appleton. Lots of shore fishing opportunities on the west banks. Ozaukee County does not have catfish listed on any of its lakes in the resource book I have. To the north is Sheboygan County and the only place listed in my book is the Mill Pond in Kohler. There is Wallace Lake in nearby Washington county. Further west is the Crawfish and Rock Rivers which are both good rivers for channels as well as a chance of some flatheads. If you are looking more of multi-species fishing, there are lots of lakes around as well as the big pond to the east. If you can narrow down your wants/restrictions, I may be able to give you a little more useful info. I personally dont have much experience in that part of the state but have several sources that can get you pointed in the right direction.