Local Catfish Tournament

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    its on 9/19/2009 any lake,pond,river its up to you 10 bucks a person.
    free fish fry afterward with sides.
    5 bucks per person for the bigist fish
    the most lbs out of 5 fish wins

    All persons must sign up by 9/15/2009

    There will be 1st,2d,3d and the pay outs will depend on the amount of people who show up and its 100% pay out .

    Lets have some fun and please if your going to cheat dont enter we have kids who plan on entering also not saying anyone will but just given a heads up.

    Call for more info .Or come to the location 7 days a week 6am/7pm

    Thanks Rob.
    11841 Benham Rd
    Saint Louis, MO 63138
    314-653-1377 Ask for Steve or Jim
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