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Hear Yea, Hear Yea, Hear Yea ! ! !
Local boys win big tournament ! !
Looking at the weather radar on my computer last night, weighing the time intervals as to distance and speed of the approaching front, and listening to the predictions of the fellow on the TV weather report, I find myself having to make critical decisions as to where tjj and I will target our fishing excursion in order to win this important tournament (important because this is out "FIRST" tournament, LOL).
We already had a plan, no other place except "Middle River" will do, however, weather reports called for 21mph @ 7am with this approaching front.
Man, crossing lake Poinsette in that kind of wind, in my little boat, we'd be beat to death, and just maybe, we might make it to the other side, LOL.
But, we had already made the decision, so be it !
I left out from the house, stopped to pick up John, we had a quick conversation about the winds on Poinsette, and both agreed with John's suggestion, to heck with Poinsette, lets head to Econ, get outa the wind for sure there (way back up in the tree line), and off we went.
We wern't too wrong in the decision, just had to jig a little around the bridge fenders before setting off for Econ. John hooks a BIG bass and in less than a second he pops John's line, no fight there, he was boss hog and knew it !
OK, we cruise on down to the Econ, thought we'd get out of the wind, NADA, it was everywhere, we did manage to find a few spots that were managable.

First fish on, I pulled in a 14", 1lb 6oz slab, OK the day was on ! (I was relieved first thing, nothing could bring me down after landing that fellow, I was up and happy )!
Now, gotta get John cranked up !
Kept tellin him, he's the reason we're here, he's the "FORCE". just gotta
hang tight, those "Years of Experience" will come into play. And sure enough, he started catchin !
John, as always, strictly used them jigs, I used minnow tipped jigs,
naturally chartruese, was THE color.
We were pleasently surprised with several almost big-uns (they won us the overall aggregrate).
Were fishin along grass edges with deep drop offs, when a couple fellows come boppin around us like they knew what they was a doin !
Ha, FisherDan and Fat&Happy, we traded a few joviable barbs and was good seein them (thinkin like us) (didn't get any pics, sorry guys).
Time was wearin on, we planned on gettin outta there out 11am and time was drawing close.
We did a switch bank deal and headed in the opposite direction, wham John lands a big un like my first one = (14") and that one sealed the deal on our win, (well, was still to be determined) but we felt we had a fair chance, had some respectable fish.

Fished a little more, caught a couple more then headed in.

Got to the weigh-in and, to our surprise, everybody that was checkin our fish out were really enthused at their size, apparently nobody previously had come in with anything significant. We were in "FIRST" Place ! ! ! !

I need to apologize here, as to explain something.
When I was a young-un, the most important thing in that day and time was the place where you caught your fish, you just didn't tell folks where you caught your fish, that was the law of the land.
Nowdays it seems that's the thing to do, so, I find it really hard to tell someone exactly where I got my fish, and consequently, wind up telling white lies to get around telling the exact truth. It is awkward, to say the least, to sit there and tell someone, whose questioning you, the exact truth of the matter, so one winds up being as "general" as possible.
And, it came back to bite me in the arss, they found out where our spot was anyway (Econ), so, maybe I'm full of it.
Anyway, here's a pic of tjj and FisherDan at the weigh-in-->

And here's a pic of john holding our total (22+5 FisherDan gave us)

Special thanks and appreciation to "Calvary Chapel M.I." for putting on the tourney and allowing us ole salts to get in.
It was a great weigh in and reception, and lots of good folks.
Total for us = First place, 7 fish =7.8 lbs
Total for us = Second place, big fish = 1.5 lbs
(These totals = invoice I was given)
We'll definitely be back next year to defend our title ! God willing ! !
Have a nice day everybody ! ! !
Danny (& John)
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