Loan~a~rod...good idea??

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  1. buddah

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    Check this site out!
    I'm just curious what you guys think of this? I never actually knew that anyone could just borrow a rod! Is this in your area? I think it's a little strange on one hand but, on the other if a kid and dad/mother wants to take their kid a' fishin' and dont have equip then maybe good. I'm torn...
  2. foodsaver

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    Why would you be torn? thats a great idea. We used something similar in Virginia when we would have a fishing campout with the Boy Scouts. Not everyone can afford to buy a rod to get a merit badge and not everyone even wants to own a rod. It lets people that wouldn't have access to fishing at all have a little access.

  3. 223Smitty

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    That's neat! There's a similar thing for younger trappers called "Traps4Kids" who can borrow traps. I think things like these are great because they give someone an opportunnity to do something they may not (for whatever reason) have otherwise been able to experience.

  4. Desperado

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    Thats a great thing to do. Shows people the way of fishing and if they like it they can get stuff for themselves and teach others. I do this with my bowfishing. I have an extra bow and take people out that haven't done it before and before I know it they have there own bow and out on the water.
  5. Taliesin

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    I have to say I am still a bit torn on this one, but due to some past experience.

    Most Air Force bases have a place called Outdoor Recreation where you can rent all sorts of outdoor equipment, including rods and reels.

    Shortly after I got to this base, but before my household goods had arrived, I rented one to do some fishing in the lakes on base. The first one lasted for a couple of hours, then SNAP. It broke at the reel seat during a cast. I took it back and got a replacement, and 1/2 hour later... SNAP. Exact same thing happened. The store wouldn't believe me when we inspected the breaks and it was pretty obvious there was a problem with the reel seats. There were bubbles in the plastic along the break.

    The thought behind the loaner program is good, but unless you plan for some broken equipment you will be asking for trouble.
  6. Taliesin

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    I do have extra rods and reels that I will loan out to others for a trip or three.
    I was quite happy to show a co-worker of mine some more about fishing and was there when he caught his first cat (and biggest fish of his life, though only 3#).

    I may be hesitant about the loan-a-rod, but if I am there I will gladly loan out one of my own.
  7. fishinpals

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    Virginia, Illinois
    IL DNR has a loaner program w/tackle. Have used it before when we didn't have enough loaner poles ourselves for an event. All are spincast and we pay around 15.00 per combo.We have over 30 we loan out and many come back with twisted line and missing parts but that just part of it. Very few are actually broken. Don't like it but been around long enough to know that's part of the program. Will keep on doing it. We usually give away the combos and replace them. Most go to kids or single parent families.
  8. Deltalover

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    I think it's a great idea! I always have loner equipment around! If they really have a good time, I generaly let them keep it! "What goes around, comes around"! A little off topic, but in a city near me there is a "tool library", where you can borrow just about any homeowner tool. Pretty cool!:cool2:
  9. Salmonid

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    I am the president of a Trout Unlimited Chapter and through donations from LL Bean each year, TU chapters receive a couple of demo/youth starter outfits ( Fly fishing that is) free for us to use when teaching kids or whatever to flyfish, last summer I loaned 6 of these outfits out all summer to the local Boy Scouts for there Merrit Badge at summer camp. As well as donated them to a local Fly Fishing Club for an all day Womens in the Outdoors event and another all day womens class and even a local Park and Rec program for there classes. it works out great o let folks use them because if they break them, no one is out any money, now these are medioce starter kits so were not talking about big dollar rods or anything but a wonderful opportunity to try before you buy.

  10. Mr.T

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    Sounds like a great idea.

    The Missouri Dept of Conservation loans equipment for kids to fish with, but it's not a well-publicized thing. We've borrowed rods & reels for our Cub Scout pack several times.

    Anything that makes it easier for a kid (or an adult, for that matter) to go fishing is a good thing as far as I'm concerned! Suppose there will be those who abuse the program by damaging or not returning equipment, but that's the way it goes with just about everything.
  11. catseeman

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    Good idea, I will have to see if IDNR has a program like this.
  12. laidbck111

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    we have the same program here at certian places in NC and it seems like a good idea to me. Like as stated before not everyone can afford a rod that wants to fish and its a great way to get kids into fishing.
  13. teaysvalleyguy

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    I think it is a great idea. It helps out those less fortunate that enjoy our sport. Not sure if we have this anywhere in Ohio. Othen then what Mark is talking about.
  14. Mr. Rooster

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    Just make sure you trust the person you are loaning it to. I loaned a guy a rod and it literally took me almost a year to get it back. Just be careful.

  15. kycatman01

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    sounds like a great idea. it will let those people who haven't fished that much see what they are missing. they will then will go out and purchase there own equipment. probably spend a small fortune like me, lol! good for the fishing industry and good for family and friends, to spend more time together.
  16. SilverCross

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    I have a lot of old rods and a few reels, so I try to get them working good then give them away to kids. More and more people are hearing about it and they give me thier broken rods and I take the eyes off and use them to fix up other rods that are in better shape. Now the reels come in less often and usually are beat up pretty good, but some times I can take several and make one or two good ones. Winter project for me.
  17. photocat

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    i think thats a great idea... i know atleast one local lake does that with the rods but they aren't really great rods or well maintained so its hit or miss... but if it works it works...

    I've done something similar with my friends before too where i loan them gear and all... never had a problem really...
  18. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    It is what it is. Cheep equipment meant to be used by inexperienced people who have done little or no fishing to introduce them to the sport.

    It's a great idea!