LNK 11/1 Boat Ride Report

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    I had not been able to go fishing for the last couple of months so I was fired up about getting out this morning. I caught about 3 dozen shad last night and managed to keep most of them alive until this morning. I got out on the water about 6:30 and decided to buzz over to the area where the main channel of the lake connects with the creek that goes into the state park. Dropped two lines on the bottom for cats and 4 lines at different depths for stripers. I am there 5 minutes and I caught a 5 pound striper.

    That was it for the day. I fished until about 11:30 and did not get another bite. It was a beautiful morning so I enjoyed myself. I spoke to a number of other boats and it did not look as if anyone was doing good. I freelined shad most of the morning and then trolled rattle traps and a bucktail for about 90 minutes.

    Getting skunked fishing can be frustrating but it is like deer hunting. I will sit in the woods for endless hours to take a deer and enjoy every moment. It is all about the total experience catching a bunch of fish or killing a 10 point is just the bonus.