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    Kannapolis, NC
    Wife got me an Lowarance Pro pak for Christmas. It includes an LMS 480M, in Ifinder Pro, all the mounting stuff and software and a chip that is interchangeable in both units. Bass Pro has limited amounts of these for 499$. I just looked in the BPS catalog for 2006 and the LMS480 alone is 499$ and that's discounted. I've used it one time and am very pleased. It is also a GPS unit, haven't figured all that out yet, but seems to be a good deal. Anyone else run this unit.
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    Your wife got a great buy!

    I've had the LMS-480 for about a year and half. The first one gave problems after about three months and I returned it to Cabela's for new replacement... no problem with the new one.
    Also had the iFinder Pro but sold it it here on BOC.