LKN White Perch Report 6-06-09

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    I was planning on staying off the water this morning, but at 7 AM, my bud Cliff called and said he was on the mother lode. So about 8 AM I started up my trusty Honda and off I went. He had found the perch in the back of a cove in the vicinity of Marker 11 to the East.

    After putting my trolling motor in, I put out two Sabiki Rigs and got my jigging spoon out. In 10 minutes or so fishing I only have one perch and Cliff and his partner have caught a couple of dozen. I holler at him and asked him if he was doctoring his hook with shad, which I did not have. He said ten four, do you want some, of course I did. After getting some shad and cutting them into real small pieces I was in the game big time. In the next hour or so I filled a peck bucket up and them the wind got up and I headed home.

    I cut some of the perch in half and fillet the rest. They are currently being marinated in shad oil for the times that the bite gets slow on LKN> also known as the 'Dead Sea'.
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    Thats an idea i aint heard of soaking ing them in shad oil. But where do you get shad oil ? Thanks if you can help me out i'd appreciate it.:wink: