LKN White Perch Report 5-30-09

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    Before I give my report, I must say congrats to Bowlerman (Jeff) for a job well done and for picking the hump to fish from. Mighty fine catch.

    I had a party today that wanted to fish for white perch and then spend a little time cattin. My first hole only had scattered fish, so I went to the second hole and noting there, then to the third hold and it was perch jerking time. We caught a bunch there and then went cattin. Half way thru my pattern one of my trusty Sabiki Rigs went off and I looked at the fish finder and it showed a massive school. While my party gather the harvest I got the catfish rigs in and we just circle this fine school of perch. Later we decide we had all the perch we wanted and went looking for one or two nice cats for the last hour of the trip. Nothing happen to brag about. Only one blue cat was landed, but we had almost a five gallon bucket of white perch when I got them out of my live well. My tip of $50 says they liked their little perch trip.
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    thanks mac , you and the other guys from the BOC and the CCC have been alot of help. with your advice , postings and insider tips. :wink: