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    To the LKN regulars
    I have been working on our deer hunting property over the last few weekends and have not had a chance to get over to LKN to fish. I know the water temp is back down to about 75 degrees and the fishing should start to pick up. Has anyone been been out in the last few days and has the bite picked up? I would guess the stripers are starting to move and that is a sign the catfish bite is improving. The weather forecast looks very good for the next few days, if feels as if things should be good!!:big_smile:
  2. jerry9497

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    turn around or turn over? lakes have to cool a conciderable bit more before they turn over, however fishing has picked up alot since the summer heat for me. I dont fish lake norman but I dont think the water temp is down in the 50s that will trigger the turnover however I do see the turnaround starting.

  3. brother hilljack

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    75 degrees seems kind of warm for turnover judging by the way it was explained to me. Good luck fishing.
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    Bro. deepwoods, you are right about the stripers turning on. They are at the openings of several creeks right now. I went for the first time this AM and caught three stripers and two bass pulling 1/4 oz. white Road Runners. One of my guide buddies got ten for his party. The stripers came up around his boat and they just tossed out some lures and buck tails and had a lot of action for 30 minutes of so. Another friend got five yesterday pulling Road Runners. This action will last most of October. The water temp. this morning was in the low 70's. Total fishing time for me this morning was one hour and ten minutes.
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    Jeff I fished Friday(10/3) night just a little ways below your home around the islands. Marked fish and lots of bait but only managed to catch one small flathead and two blues all night. Schools of spotted bass and stripers where busting shad all over the surface at daybreak. I guess I should have been striper fishing instead.