LKN report 9/5 and 9/6

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    Went out last night about 5 thinking it may not rain. My son and I went down to the skimming wall and caught some bait. As we finished the rain started. It did not look as if it was raining in the north end of the lake but at the 150 bridge it looked bad so I chickened out and went home.

    It did not rain a drop the rest of the night.

    The next morning we set out about 6:30 it was cloudy and breezy, water temp was 81 degrees. I had a hot tip there were cats to be found in the back channels of the state park so off we went.

    Set out a slow troll using cut shad. I also had a live bream on one pole. The end result was 4 channel cats all about 4 to 6 pounds, 1 very big crappie and one flathead that was 16 pounds. I kept the channels for eating, kept the crappie for bait and returned the flat to the water to grow up. My son was absolutly astounded I through back the flat. (he actually caught it). It was one of the first times I have been out and not caught a blue. We were in water that was not over 12 feet and probably averaged 8 feet. There is a gob of bait back in those creeks.

    As a reformed saltwater fisherman I noticed something interesting about the fillets on channels and blues. Blues very much resemble sea trout in apperance and taste (pink meat great taste) and channels resemble red fish in both taste and apperance (white meat great taste).

    To all of the BOCs in Winston and East the sun came out about 9:00 and it is a blue bird day on LKN. It did not rain here at all. We got lucky and missed the Hannah weather. I guess Charlotte did not get hit. Mixed feelings we need the rain.

    I look forword to the rest of the weekend now the weather has passed.
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    Good report, thanks.

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    Good report Deepwoods!

    I too was out this morning. We were tempting fate with the hurricane. I awoke around 3:30am and looked at the rader and the rain appeared to STOP around the Yadkin River, so I called my guest and informed him that were ON for 5:00am.

    The bite was slow on Lake Wylie early, but really picked up drifting from 10:30am-12:00 noon and we ended the day with 15 channel cats.