LKN Report 6/27 and 6/29

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    I got on the water at 5:30 and went over to Stumpy Creek to try a different area. I trolled the north bank trying to stay in 20 feet of water. I covered from the island to the bend in the channel. The action was steady, I ended up picking up 9 blues ranging in size from 1 lb to 6 lbs. The bite stoped as I passed the last inlet and got closer to the channel bend. I was using cut perch and shad.

    Again on the water about 5:30, I decided to give the state park a try (Hick's Creek). I trolled the southern bank from the opening to the creek. I picked up 5 small blues. I baited one line with a live small perch. It was in the water about 2 minutes and a big flathead hit it. The fish was 17 lbs. I crossed the channel to the North side and trolled to the bend and only picked up one fish. At about 9:00 I crossed back over to the Southern side where I saw fish breaking in a small inlet. I pull out my casting rod with a rattle trap on it and on the first cast a 2 lb bass. Instead of letting drop to the floor of the boat to take out the hooks I decided to grap the fish and pull it out without plyers. Bad idea, it slipped out of my hand and one of the hooks buried into the back of my finger covering the barb (2nd time this year). I did some minor surgery with a clean knife and got the hook out.

    In all a couple of good mornings fishing. I found a bit larger baits were working better than small and boat speed needed to be about .5 miles per hour.

    One last thing. On the way home I threw out 4 deep diving crank baits and trolled them in the main channel. I got 5 bites and caught 4 white crappies. I read about doing this in NC Sportsman and was totally surpised how well it worked. It was about 10:30 and jet skis and rec boaters were out in forced at the same time.

    I will be back this weekend

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    Thats great stuff. Thanks for the info. I hope your hand feels better