LKN Oct. 31, 2008 - Catfishing Report

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    My Friday fishing partner, Cliff, called about 2 PM and wanted to know if I wanted to go cattin' with him. I told him I was going to take a nap and to have fun. He asked me if he could fish my honeyhole and I told him sure. Well, he fished it for two hours and only had a couple of tugs. Then he went across a shallow point (12 to 14') and got a triple, the largest being 15 pounds, with the other two being 10 and 8. He called at a little after 4:30 PM and told me what happen and he was on his way over to my place to have me take some photo's. He just wanted to rub it in, you betcha. Matter of fact, I'm glad to see anybody catch a decent cat right now. Water surface temp. was in the mid 60's and bait of choice was white perch.
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    nice catch, awesome looking fish.