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    I have been busy doing striper guide trips and have not been catting much of late. But, I am getting reports of good catches (15 to 25 cats per 4 to 5 hour outings) on Lake Norman and Mtn. Island Lake. Surface water temps are in the range of 62 to 65 degrees and the water is stained. I am picking up a few striper fishing in the 4 to 12 pound range and the one guide trip that I had for cats, we got into some flatheads (13.5 to 19 pound range). I think we are going to have a good flathead season and maybe a real big Ark. Blue caught in 2008.

    Brother Price informed the Carolina Catfish Club in March that as soon as the water temp. hit 60 degrees the cats would start moving slowly up river and that they would be working the feeder streams on the way up. He was dead on the money with his premise.

    Brother billsmith of the CCC has been fishing up river and doing pretty good.

    The fishing reports from Badin and Tillery are out of this world.

    Lake Wylie is producing some nice flatheads, channels and some small blues.

    Bottom line is, it is time to get off your butts and go out thar and get you some cats.
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    Thanks for the info I hope its a productive year

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    mac, water temp upper lake sat evening was 61 to 63 degrees. The cats were biting consistantly on any fresh cut bait I used. Fishing is starting to pick up. I've been following the bait fish - the cat I had over for sunday supper was following the bait too.
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    LakeNormanBlues is right!

    Now is the time to be out there. The cold snap may slow it down a day or two, but the warmer weather is not far away!