LKN June 19, 2008

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    I went to a new perch hole before I picked up my clients and caught half a dozen and then went and picked them up. Got back to the new perch hole and they caught a tad over a dozen before they quit bitting. While we were perch fishing I put out to cat rigs with live white perch on them and we got a ten pound plus flathead, a large channel cat for LKN, and a large bass that jumped and came off.

    Next we went to my cove where I have been tearing them up and there was another guide there just slaying them buggers. We get setup and start our drift and nothing, same goes for the other guide, they just quit bitting. Again I had two cat rigs out and we caught a 12 plus pound flathead, some small channel on the Sabiki's and lost a big blue on the way in.

    Trip over in less than three hours.