LKN July 26

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    We made a last minute decision to go fishing Saturday morning. Driving over from Winston it rained the entire ride. I did not have any caught bait so I picked up some shiners and was on the water by 6:30. We started by fishing the channel drop off south of the 20 mile marker island and picked up one striper off a bobber set at 40 feet, no cats. We moved just north of the Buffelo Shoals bridge and drifted the cove. Just as it started to rain (again) the bite started. We picked up 3 blues and 1 flathead in about 20 minutes. One blue was 16 lbs and he hit while I was retrieving the bait. It was a great morning the cool wet weather kept the jet skis home. We actually got to fish until 10:30, for a Saturday this was unusual. All fish were CR.