LKN July 19, 2008

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    I had the pleasure of having as my guest today, Flatfattie, for a fun fishing trip. The moon was almost 99% full and the wind was out of the West and East and the water temp. was 84.7 degrees. White perch, alive and cut, was the bait of choice, plus a couple of live bream. I could not find the big ones but we manage to catch enough to feed a family somewhere. We did get on the white perch big time, but did not stay with them, after all, we were out thar to catch some catfish. Wes caught his first ever LKN blue, plus some more.
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    You just couldnt stand it could you Mac? Had to try and convert poor ole Wes. Did you really think he would change his BOC name from Fatflattie to Fatbluesie or something. :smile2: Just kidding Mac good report and I hope you enjoyed your trip Wes the legend is fun to hang out with for an old guy.:wink: Im going down tonight for some striper action and maybe I'll put out some cat food if we get our limit quick.



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    We had a really good time on the water today (at least I did:smile2:). I had never drifted before so it was all new to me. I jumped the gun a couple of times but I got a little better at knowing what to look for by the end of the day. The perch were a ton of fun as well. Maybe I'll start drifting at Sutton if I can figure out how to keep out of all the snags:wink: We had a good day and we put quite a few fish in the boat in just a few hours, Mac knows where to find them that's for sure. Thanks again.