LKN July 18, 2008

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    Today I was suppose to be picked up by my Friday fun fishing partner (Cliff) at 6:30 AM. He called a little after 6:30 and said he had water in his filter and the alarm buzzer was going off and he would be over after he got it fixed. 7 AM he called and said boat was out of commission and for me to come and get him in my boat. I picked him up at 7:15 and off we went to Beaver Dam Creek. It is a hit and miss location and today it was a miss location. I did manage to get two small (3.5 to 4.5 pounders) blues in the boat. White perch strips and heads was the bait of choice. NE and NW winds with a bad moon, so some people say. Fishing time less than four hours.

    We had a visitor from Lake Wylie fishing over here and I will let him give his report, if he so desires.
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    My brother and I did some exploratory striper fishing today and it was horrible.

    Have a nice day. :sad2:

    Ok, I will elaborate. :smile2:

    We fished the lower lake to see if any of the bait/stripers had moved south like they do typically around this time of the year. We rode down to the dam around 4:00am to have a look around and could not find any bait, so instead of blindly fishing in the absence of bait we headed north to see if we could find fish.

    After several miles of riding, and looking, we found nothing really worthy of dropping baits on. A few scattered specks here and there, but nothing like we are accustomed to seeing.

    We decided to cut our loses and came home without a striper around 9:00am.

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    Something borrowed, nothing blue

    Wylie Cat, I hear ya on the bait thing! We didn't find any bait that would even stick to a 3/8" mesh net. I Fished w/RandyJ on his new rig. Put in at Blythe at 4 bells and searched the lower river channel before hunting for bait, water was 89*. Since neither of us fish Norman regular we kinda floundered with the bait. We ended up at the skimmer wall, where I shredded his freshly dyed 10' net (but I did catch the christmas tree and the 2 cinder blocks tied to it that lived 30' down :) ). Went to Midway and bought some lg. shiners (I hate buying bait!), if we had done that first we would have been an easy 60 bucks ahead. Trolled the lower end until dark and then anchored and put out the loaner Hydroglow. Didn't catch any alewives on the sabiki's but we caught stripers after a while. Randy's Clarks Hill Stomp did draw us a bunch of strikes and our fish. Some nice blues have been caught in that area lately and the boat next to us got a 15 lber, but I couldn't get one, dam it. Striper's on the menu tonight.
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    yup, it's about time. I usually spend a few trips on LKN this time of year to put some meat in the freezer. I'll be headed that way soon. Shiners are hard to beat this time of year. Thanks for the report Jim!
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    Sounds like one of those days......................................better luck next time