LKN January 26, 2008

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    I fished for 3.5 hours for striper's this morning and did not exactly set any records. I had gizzard shad and rainbow trout for bait. Fished in Mtn. Creek and I did not mark much bait and almost no arches, but I had gulls picking up stunned shad every now and then. I managed one striper and lost another one close to the boat.

    This past Friday, two of my striper friends caught 16 in the same area. Another fellow on Saturday did alright. Then Sunday, in the same area, two more of my striper bud's only caught one and a trash fish.

    So, it looks like Mtn creek is like a spigot, hot and cold. But, thats fishing.
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    I got out for a couple of hours this morning. I was in the middle of Stumpy creek. The birds were swarming around the middle picking up bait. Lots on the fish finder. There were 3 boats in the area and the only fish I saw pulled in was a perch. It was a nice morning to be out but no fish.