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    At first light yesterday, it looked like it was going to be a perfect day to have a local striper tournament. The skies were overcast, the full moon was blocked by the clouds during the night and we had a lite wind. Thirty some teams set out from different locations on Norman to catch the largest striper of the day. Most teams struggled all day and the final winning weigh was a tad over six pounds. The winner in December had around seven pounds and the winner in November less than six pounds.

    The winning weigh was 6.08 pounds and I had one that came in at 5.41 pounds. I did not hear of a single team catching a bunch of fish, most caught around three, but this was a single fish outing, so numbers do not matter. Most of the fish were caught above the River Road bridge (HWY 150).

    For those that live within easy travel to LKN, we have several creeks full of white perch, such as Rocky Creek and Stumpy Creek and some times just past the power lines at Marker 18. You will find most of them hugging the bottom in 30 feet of water or greater. Catch you a bunch, vacuum seal then and you will have some good bait come cattin' time.
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    Thanks for the info. Mac