LKN Fishing Report October 28, 2009

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  1. Mac-b

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    Just when you think you have seen everything as it relates to fishing, something occurs that proves that there is more to be seen. This morning I was reeling in a small catfish, then it got heavy, then back to it's normal pull and when it got to the surface, a large blue was right behind it and then swirled and headed for the depths. Man I would love to hook into that one, for sure.

    I left my dock at 9 AM (gentlemen hours) and headed for the area between Marker 13 and 14 on the NW side of the river. Started off with fresh cut up white perch for bait. Surface water temp. was 69 degrees and it was cloudy with a lite wind out of the West. Caught a couple of blues, then noticed that my Sabiki Rig was stretched out and almost on the surface. Found out that I had hooked a ten inch crappie and was dragging it around. Cut that baby up for bait and then the 8 to 10 pounders started to hitting good. Ended up with nine blues, two small ones and the rest were good eater size. Stopped and dropped the fish off at a neighbors dock and was back at my dock at 12:15 PM.

    My companion on this trip was my Jack Russel, Jackie and she had a great time.
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    I caught my first Norman cat while crappie fishing last Friday it was a 3 lb flathead. That was a fight on a 5 ft rod. I was moving infront of a dock and saw some bait on the fish finder and saw a single fish arch and flipped by it and my bobber went straight down.

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    Way to go fellas...nice fish!