LKN Fishing Report October 26, 2009

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    I had my heart set on fishing for striper's this morning, but when I looked in my live well, which I left running all night, plus I had a bubbler going, most of my shad was dead or close to it. So, almost dead bait and dead bait meant that I was going cattin'. Water surface temp. was 66 degrees and the wind was out of the NE at 8 to 12 MPH. First hour or so all I caught was white perch, then I approached a long point and then a short point and in a little over an hour I put five blues in the boat, largest being an 18 pounder. The mat that the fish are laying on for photo's is 3 X 5 feet. Thus, the 18 pounder was 36 inches long. I was fishing in the area between Marker 7 and 8 on the SE side. Left my dock at 7:15 AM and was back at 10:17 AM.

    I have included some photo's from this past Friday's guide trip.
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    Nice fish Mac. I got into a few nice ones at Badin the other night. Stay on 'em. It's only gonna' get better!!!!