LKN Fishing Report November 4, 2009

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    I got a late start this morning due to family stuff, purpose of my trip this morning was to scout and maybe fish for some striper's in preparation for the first NFA tournament for this season. I saw Capt. Gus on the way out and he said striper fishing was horrible due to the moon. Then I saw one of my striper buddies off in the distance and I inquired of him how it was going, bad he sad, real bad.

    With all this bad news I still pursued the purpose of the trip. I went deep into Mtn. Creek and there was the bait and some mighty fine striper's arches on the fish finder screen. I worked these striper's for a tad more than two hours and all I got was some bass and small catfish bites. Both the bass and small cats were tearing my gizzard shad up. So, I put the dead shad in a bucket and went even further into Mtn. Creek, found some more bait and nice arches close to the bottom. Loaded up six catfish rigs with the dead shad and the fun began. First blue in the boat was an eighteen plus, next one several pounds less and the rest in the three to eight pound range. I returned all cats because I might need them this Saturday when I do a guided cat trip.

    Will go back out in the morning and see if I can find some biting striper's.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Nice. The float on the leader works great don't it. :wink:

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    does the cat slime add flavor to your coffee lol nice pics :smile2::smile2:
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    nice catch Mac. Thanks for doing everything you are to help show me a good time on the water. Hoping the fish are biting Sat. Ive been getting skunked lately so hopefully my luck will change on Norman with you. Can't wait bud!

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    Yeah, Mac taught me a thing or two about the floats on the leader. Really, really helps in the river. Still thanking the wily vet for that tip:wink:. Keep up the reports Mac, always enjoy reading them!