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Cliff picked me up this morning at my dock a little before seven bells and off we went to the cove before Marker D11. We had live blue backs, Gizzard shad and a few white perch for bait. Little of no wind and the direction was variable. We were greeted by two fellows putting out floating rigs for cats.

It wasn't long before we came upon a massive school of white perch and spent over an hour pulling those buggers in. Almost filled Cliff's bait tank with them. I was using a no. 6 Sabiki Rig with blue wings and Cliff was using a blue and white jigging spoon. We finally left the white perch and went cattin'.

The bite was nothing to brag about, but we ended up with five catfish each, the largest 5.5 pounds. The catch consisted of blues, channels and one flathead. All but one was released to grown up.

Back at my dock around eleven bells.
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