LKN Fishing Report June 23, 2009

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    I left my dock a little before eight AM and headed to Hager's Creek, left fork, and setup to go against the wind which was coming out of the NE at 5 to 8 MPH with gust up to 12, which really worked the autopilot. Bait of choice was live white perch and blue gills, plus I cut some up. Four rigs out the rear and two side planer boards. I did not catch a thing for the first hour and then at the beginning of the next hour I caught four blues and a flathead, all eating size. Then I ran over some perch which my trusty Sabiki Rig (which was dangling over side) picked up on and loaded up, so I pulled the cat stuff in and fished for white perch. Ended up with close to forty of different sizes and called it quits. Back at my dock at 10:05 AM, not a bad outing.

    Water temp was 82 to 83 degrees and water is still stained.