LKN Fishing Report June 19, 2009

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    I wanted to try something different this morning. The something new was all live bait for cat's. The other day I caught a bunch of little white perch (2.5 to 3.5"). I down sized my hooks for those little racers and had four out lines and two side planer board rigs all dragging the bottom. I caught eight or nine bass but that is not what I was after. Methinks I had one flathead run based on the condition of the bait (it was smashed in the middle). Live and learn. Left my dock at seven AM and was back at 10:00 AM. Water temp. was 81.7 degrees, water was stained and I had lite wind.

    I thank the fishing Gods that I did not have a client this morning.

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    It happens to the best of us (and in my case the worst of us:smile2:)