LKN Fishing Report July 7, 2009

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    BOC member and friend, mifit98 called me the other day and said he wanted to fish Norman and catch him some eater size blues and wanted to know if I wanted to be his quest in his boat. It is always a pleasure to fish with Mac Mc so I accepted and then Mac Mc came back with a kicker. He wanted to know if I could bring some of the Skip Jacks that I have been talking about lately. We left the dock a little after 6 AM and headed for Hagers Creek and fished three of the five fingers of the creek until a little before 10:30 AM. For the first two plus hours of the trip, all the activity was on Mac Mc side of the boat where he caught six or seven and I caught one dink. Then we got to the back of my favorite part of the trip and I had two rods go down almost at the same time. The first one was a 9 plus blue and the other one was a sweet sixteen flathead, which had to do his thing when he got to the side of the boat. We ended up with ten plus blues, channels and the one flathead. Mac Mc, thanks for taking me out and letting me get my line stretched.
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    You had to get it stretched back out after trying to tie knots in it!!!:wink: