LKN Fishing Report July 20, 2009

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    I picked my party up at Hagers Creek Landing at 6:30 AM and off we went to the Reids Creek area, between D2 and D4. We had a bad ENE wind this morning and water surface temp. was 81.5, one degree less than yesterday. Bait of choice was white perch and gills, alive and cutup. I started off with four catfish rigs out the back, two side planer boards and a Sabiki or bait catching rig on each side bouncing off the bottom. We spent over one hour with the cats or whatever jerking out bait until we finally got one in. Ended up with five cats on the catfish rigs, including one flathead and three cats off the Sabiki type rigs, plus a bunch of white perch. Not a great trip, but far from a bad one. Total fishing time was less than three hours.