LKN Fishing Report July 2, 2009

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    North Caro
    I picked up my client at his dock at 6 AM sharp and off we went to Burton Creek. Bait of choice was live white perch and live gills, cut up and alive. I had two rigs out the back, one on each side and my trusty Sabiki Rigs on the sides dragging the bottom. My client ended up with 11 catfish, mostly blues and one flathead. A bottom feeding green fish sucked in a white perch strip. The Sabiki Rigs produced a peck bucket full of white perch. Dropped my client off at his dock at 10:15 AM

    Wind today was out of the South and Southwest, lite to moderate and water surface temp was 86.7 degrees with a tad of stain to the water.
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    Gave em the Big Mac attack I see ; )