LKN Fishing Report Feb. 21, 2009

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    I was busy as a beaver this morning on LKN. I had two fellows from out of town doing a club striper tournament and they had hired me to put them on some fish. By cell phone, starting at 5:30 this morning and while I was doing a guide trip for a 14 year old I accomplished my mission with the out of towner's. I told them where to go and when they got there the birds were feeding. They did not have a buck tail or a red fin to cast at the action, so one of them threw a jigging spoon into the action and go himself a striper in the range of 6.5 to 7 pounds. Another five plus off of something like a Lil George. Last time I talked to then they only needed one more striper for their limit.

    Now back to my guide trip, my 14 year old client informed me that he rather fish for Ark. Blues than striper's. All I had was 10 to 12 pound striper gear, with two spinners with 15 pound test on them. His mother booked me for a three hour striper trip, but I went with the flow and the young man got himself a 13 pound blue and a 8 + blue and a small striper.

    The early morning action happened in the back part of Mtn. Creek and Beaver Dam Creek.

    It so cold this AM (23 degrees) that my damp gloves were sticking to my reels.
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    Good job Mac, That looks like you made him a happy man with that fish.

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    " 14 year old client informed me that he rather fish for Ark. Blues than striper's...."

    Sounds like a smart kid!!! :smile2: