LKN Fishing Report Feb. 15, 2009

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    I awoke this morning at 1:15 AM with some intestinal problems and hung around the throne until 4 AM, hit the couch and had the cover pull up around my chin until around 7 AM when my cell started ringing. I had some buds in BD Creek and they were catching striper's. Hardly moved on the first call, but the second call got my attention, they had just got a double. Another bud called and said he was heading to the lake to fish and wanted to known if I wanted to join them. I passed because if I went, I might have to leave in a hurry and get back to the throne. Rawhide called and informed me that he was pulling Road Runners with three split shot on each and was catching striper's in 40 to 50 feet of water. Well, around 8 or later I hit the water. When I got to the fishing spot, Shane Reel and his partner (AJ) already had 7 in the boat and I watch them catch 5 more before I got a bite. I ended up with four striper's, all of them were on double hookups and one trash fish. Back home at 10:45 AM.
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    Mac I'll add to your report instead of doing a new one. I had a lot of fun in a short period of time. We had one side planer take off and my partner grabbed it and it started peeling off drag so he thinks he has a monster Lake Norman striper and we get it to the boat and its a 20 pound blue cat. Before the day ended for us we boated 3 catfish, 3 largemouth and 13 stripers eight of which are now in the freezer. By the way we had alot of luck on the planer cork today. One split shot 35 feet behind the cork and 125 feet behind the boat. We had gizzard shad in the 4-8 inch range for bait today.


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    Mac, Hate ya wasn't up to par, but glad ya got to fish:wink:.