LKN Fishing Report August 5, 2009

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    I have a guide trip Friday and I figurer I better find another area with suspended fish and I did. In the general area of Governors Island there is some deep water with bait and a few striper's. I then cruised the South side of the main river channel between Marker 3 and 5 and found 50 to 90'+ depth with bait and other stuff around 30 to 40 feet. Water temp. was 83+ degree and wind was lite out of the SW. Bait of choice was frozen vacuum sealed white perch. Total count was 14 Ark. Blues, not all shown in photo. Left my dock at 6:45 AM and was back home at 9:35 AM

    These cats are being iced down for my client Friday to add to his catch for that day or you could say they are insurance fish. :wink:
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    good job Capt.