LKN Fishing Report August 28, 2009

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    My Friday fishing partner, Cliff, picked me up at my dock at 6:30 AM and off we went to fish between Marker 3 and 4 on the East side of the river channel. Little or no wind this AM. Bait of choice was white perch, gizzard shad and some treadfin shad. The cats only wanted the threadfin's. We worked two points and Cliff got a 5.5 pound blue, then we started working a hump and got eight blues and had a shot at a flathead twice. Cliff and myself, after the first hour, used the same bait and he caught eight blues and I caught one. :crazy: We always have a bet when we are cattin', such as $5 for the most cats, $10 for the largest cat and an extra $5 if you get the most and largest. My one cat happened to be the largest and thus, I won $5.
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    If i read it right he won 5 from you an you won 10 from him rite so u had a net profit of 5 dollars ,glad ya'll had a good time this morning :wink: