LKN Fishing Report August 21, 2009

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    I picked my clients up this morning at 6:30 AM and off we went to Marker 1A where I found the cats yesterday and could not fish them for the wind. Today there was not any major wind and we could fish that area and had plenty of markings. Bait of choice was some nice vacuum sealed Skip Jack, plus some marinated catfish strips and white perch. After I got everything set up, we had two cats within fifteen minutes or so, then it was an hour or so and before we got another one. Ended up with a very poor outing, with a total fish count of three. Karl Emerson was in the area and at 9 AM he only had one in the boat.

    This is the same general area that I fished the later part of last week and this week and we averaged 26 cats per trip. Surface water temp. was the same and we had cloud cover earlier in the the AM, same as before. I guess the term lockjaw would apply to the cats today.
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    Fished that area of 1A yesterday afternoon in the wind from 4:00-8:00 and caught 20 blues most being 4-8lbs. Also caught two in the high teens and lost a bigger fish due to using my striper gear. All fish were caught on white perch.

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    Mac you just been catching to many here lately ,and today you went fishing ,not catching ,just like the most of us do :wink::smile2: lots more fishn ,not much catching