LKN Fishing Report August 18, 2009

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    I arrived at the deep water a little late (7:30 AM) due to a family crisis (dog went off sniffing everything is sight and the girls thought it was lost or someone had stolen it) and I finally told them I had to go scouting for some cats, which I did. When I arrived, Buck and his boys were there catching them some blues. I set up a good little ways from them and I had previously decided that I would work the 40 to 60 foot water today, rather than the 70 to 109'. Bait of choice was some red meat from some catfish that I had cleaned Sunday, which was marinated in the same stuff that Karl's uses in his special bait. I got close enough one time to pass over some of the special bait for Buck and his boys to try.

    Water surface temp. was 88.3 degrees and wind was out of the SW, more of less. I ended up with seven blues and a bunch of misses. Quit fishing at 9:30 AM and headed back home.
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    Thanks for the "special bait" Mac!! After the twenty questions like, who was that , why did he give this to you, how do know him,(they couldnt believe we had actually never formally met) we got some rods baited up. The boys were amazed we were catchin cats with cat meat. We got our baits in the water at 6:45 and left at a little after 9 with 10 fish in the cooler for a fish fry. Once I baited up half the rods with your bait they accounted for the last 3. We tried to bounce back between 25' and 60'. Lost one pig that hit a bream head. Will definetly be pullin baits next time to cover more water. I videoed todays trip and was told at one point to "put the camera down and get the net boy" during a double. What a fun morning.