LKN Fishing Report August 15, 2009

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    I had a special guest for my trip to the deep water this morning. Jackie, my Jack Russel, indicated that she wanted to go, so I assisted her getting in the boat. We found the water temp. to be 88 degrees and wind was out of the SE at 5 to 10 MPH from the get go. Bait of choice was Karl's special bait, plus some large Gizzard Shad which I cut into nice size chunks. The Gizzard Shad caught about the same number as the special bait, but larger cats overall. I ended up with 16 or 17 blues, half in the 7 to 8+ pound range. Total fishing time was 3.5 hours.

    Karl was in the area and when I left at 10 AM, he and his partner had caught 26 blues at that time. He was there before day light and had 7 or 9 before I started. He was only using his special bait.

    Robert Wood and my other buddy Cliff were also out there and they were struggling to catch any cats at all.

    On the way back in I spotted a jug with a cat on it. I stopped and found that it had no markings on it and thus, I looked upon it as being an illegal jug and thus, found it to be litter and removed it from the lake.

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    Touche on gettin rid of the jug. I don't see any pics of no jack Russel. LOL! Nice haul indeed.

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    Thanks for picking up the trash Mac!!:wink:
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    hey mac we only but 2 in the boat missed 4 or 5 been on dry land to long got to get back to the water might have to get you to re teach me bobs bait we used karls bait he delivers to the house had shad herring and some mayhadin the guy brought from the beach just did not work
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    Interesting to me is that the oily menhaden from the coast was not appealing to the inland cats. hmmm...