LKN Fishing Report August 13, 2009

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    My buddy Cliff is on vacation this week and had been at the SC coast fishing and I called him and told him about yesterdays action. He informed me that they would be packing and heading back to Norman last night. He picked me up in the FOG this morning and we headed for the deep water. Took us 20 minutes extra time to get there due to striper fishermen in the channel from Marker 7 all the way to 1A, trolling in the fog. We looked around for a while and finally spotted Karl already fishing and he had three. He gave us some of his special bait and we moved out from him and setup and slowly headed toward the dam. In addition to Karl's bait, we had white perch and catfish chunks marinated in shad oil and a bunch of live bream and small gizzard, blues backs and thread fin shad. Water temp was 88.6 degrees with lite wind most of the morning. The cats were still suspended at 35 to 40 feet, just under the bait schools. We trolled along at 1/2 MPH and at 10:30 had somewhere around 23 blues, when a striper fisherman called over to us and told us about a school of something to our rear and closer to the dam that would not hit the lures that he was pulling and suggested we go over there. We turned around and headed to the area the fisherman suggested and we hit pay dirt. Within an hour and a half we put 15, 5 to 8 pounds blues in the boat. Karl saw the action and he headed over and wanted to know how many we had caught and we told him 38 overall. He informed us that he had caught ten.

    Why the big difference in the numbers you might wonder. We found out in the first thirty minutes that the blues only wanted the small shad and blue blacks that we were offering them. Karl stuck with what gave him a great day yesterday and it was not what they wanted. Lesson to be learned here and that is not to depend on one bait for catfish, they are fickle and can change their likes and dislikes in a heartbeat.

    Cliff dropped me off at my dock at 12:25 PM.
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    Some truth in what your saying Mac. Thanks!!

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    Glad to know that someone is puttin it to em somewhere. Congrats on another good trip...