LKN Fishing Report 2K10

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    My buddy Cliff called me this morning and wanted to go cattin' and talk some. I arranged to pick him up at 10:30 AM and he wanted to fish until a little after 1 PM. I picked him up at the appointed time and off we went to the area East of Marker 7. We had cloud cover, lite wind and the water surface temp. was 45 degrees. Bait of choice was Skip Jacks, White Perch and Gizzard Shad, all frozen and thawed for the trip. We had no bites in the 20 to 35 feet of water and moved to the 7 to 18 foot area. Cliff got a bite as soon as we crossed into the shallow water. Nice little outing and we got a chance to talk about his step-father who just passed away Friday. His SP caught his PB flathead and blue fishing from my boat, plus he lost a monster on the same day. He was a mighty fine fellow and will be missed.
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    Glad that you guys enjoyed the day. It sure was a nice day today!