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LKN Fishing on Sat. 6/12

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After reading a previous post I decide to try fishing on the Nothern side of 150. I put in at Long Island around 6:30 and went to Terrapin creek. By 8:00 I had landed a what I think was a 15+ lb blue. It was the nastest looking blue I've ever seen. It was practacally black with marbled grey coloring. I took a picture of it in the floor of my boat with my cell phone but it's not very clear. I turned the fish back because I don't have a live well of any sort on the boat. I also landed a nice 4 lb blue which I added to the freezer. That fish was full of eggs. I would have thought the spawn was over but I guess not. I power drifted the entire perimeter of the cove concentrating on the 30 to 14 foot water. I didn't have any other hook ups other than the 2 caught. My bait was vacuumed sealed gizzard shad. I located some big schools of bait fish on the depth finder but couldn't get anything on the sibinski rig. Those perch are not cooperating with me. Just to note I did not fish back in the creek where it narrows I fished the perimeter of the main cove catching both fish about halfway back frpom the main channel. Mac/Wylie any tips on catching perch would be greatly appreciated. Joel
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I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. I caught 4 cats that had the black covering them. I was at the first island which is about 1/2 a mile from where you were. I am guessing the fish were covered from nesting.

Also when you look for sibiki rigs they normally are in the salt water tackle section of the store.
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