LKN Catfish Report 4-13-09

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    My buddy Cliff picked me up at 7 AM and off we went to McCrarys Creek. We knew that wind would be a problem and it was. It change from NE to ESE and finished up this morning coming out of the South. Bait of choice this morning was live blue backs and live white perch. Found the water temp to be 64.5 degrees, 4 degrees higher than Little Creek. Fished real shallow earlier then to the deeper water and back to the shallows again. We did not catch a bunch, but enough to satisfy most fishermen. Largest blue was 12.5 pounds, followed by a 7.5, a 5.5 and the rest were eating size. Best fish came out of 12 to 14 feet of water. Water is currently stained. We traveled over a lot of white perch, but they did not want our jigging spoons this morning.

    PS, nice size white perch heads caught the 5.5 and the 12.5 blues.
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    Good job on landing some nice fish!