LKN 8-19-08

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    Went down to my dock about an hour ago to check on my bait in my on land bait tank and saw something busting the young shad. Got my lite weigh spinner out that had a Road Runner on it and the second cast I had a mighty fine green fish. Went up to the house and got the better 3/4's to come down and take a photo of my efforts. :eek:oooh: Looks like a tournament fish to me. Started to cut him up for catfish bait, but I decided I would release it and let one of my bassin bud's have a go at it.
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    A old friend of mine took me bass fishing Sunday on LKN. I have never really fished for bass on LKN so it was a new experience. We fished the south end of the lake which was also new. He is pretty serious about this type of fishing and he really knows how to catch fish. He set me up with a blue 4 inch stick bait he claims cost $15 each. It is called a Lucky Craft Saysee. According to him it is the hottest bait going. I did a decent job of keeping it out of the bushes and trees. I was amazed how many fish we caught. Between the two of us we caught about 30 spots in about 3 hours. The majority were 1 to 2 pounders. If was fun but it was not catfishing. I owe him a catfishing trip which I think we are going to try Friday. He has fished Norman for 30 years, it was interesting to hear his take on how the fishing has changed (all good).

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    That is a real nice looking fish, congrats
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    Glad you kissed his bass good bye first Mac!!!!