LKN 8-11-08

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    One of my fishing bud's came by and picked me up at 7 AM and off cattin' we went. We put down a little jack on the results ($5 for most fish, $10 for largest cat over 5 pounds and an extra $5 if you caught the most fish and the big fish). We both agreed on an area to drift and off we went. Little or no wind in the area we fished until 9 AM. Bait of choice was white perch (vacuum sealed and frozen) and two day old refrig. blue backs. End results was LNB 2 and Cliff 7, with a big blue weighing 8.75 pounds. Thus, I was the loser and had to pay out $20. Back at my dock at 11:45 AM.

    WylieCat was South of us and put a whipping on the cats with his new found jugs. His count at high noon was close to 24. He was using small striper chunks, masonry drop lines of 10 to 30', orange colored Clorox plastic one gallon containers that were marked with his name and tellie number. He kept the cell phone busy with his reports this AM, kept mumbling something about being the village idiot and for me to read something on the BOC and I would know what he meant. :smile2::cool2::eek:oooh::confused2:

    WC is getting to be a terror on LKN, 20 some cats today and last week he also got 20 some cats. I think I better go with him next time he calls to see where he is fishing. I just might like to chase a few jugs myself, been a while since I last tried it. :wink:
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    "...WylieCat was South of us and put a whipping on the cats with his new found jugs...."

    Now that right there will make you laugh!!! :smile2::tounge_out::big_smile:

    No stray jugs were seen or collected this morning on Lake Norman by me. :big_smile:

    Good day on Norman for me, but I need to stop getting up at 4:00am to be there by 5:30am!! I did not catch but two fish before 10:00am!!!

    I drifted all morning and hit fish in spots, mainly points. The blues were on the edges today and the channel cats were deep this time at around 28-32 feet.

    I tried my best to get thirty fish, and as time ran out at 2:00pm I had 29. As I was reeling in my lines I was down to two rods left out and BAM!! One of the rods goes off, I land an eight pound blue and I made my goal of 30!!

    Funny how it starts out with a goal of not getting skunked and then it increases as the day wears on???? :smile2:

    After that I rounded up most of my jugs, but about ten of them floated off somewhere. I guess I will get them next trip...:smile2::roll_eyes::tounge_out: