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    This past Wednesday I had a fellow from upstate NY and one that use to live in Jersey. Today I had two fellows from Long Island NY and one from NC. Weather todays were almost ideal, no major wind and a little cloud cover for two hours and then the mighty sun came out. We ended up with 6 blues and one channel and dropped two off at the boat (quick release), plus a large gar cut off a rig. I was using live white perch, perch heads and perch strips. The perch strips was the only bait that the blues would take today. This was a scheduled four hour trip, but I gave then an extra hour free, because of the poor bite.

    It was bad out there folks, my Friday fishing partner had not caught a single one at 10:00 AM and WylieCat called me about 8:30 or so and he had two small flatheads at that time. But you are going to have days like that.

    Plus side of today is, one of my buds found a huge school of perch for my perch trip tomorrow. He informed me by cell that he and another fellow had caught over 150 in a couple hours jigging.

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    Yep, sometimes they just don't get on the dang hook for whatever reason.

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    I was fishing for big fish all day, so it was anchor up on some good spots and hope Duke Energy turned some water loose.

    Duke Energy did not cooperate, and neither did the cats. :eek:oooh:

    I ended my trip with two small flatties and two blues that did not make double digits. A couple of bites and half-runs, but you could just tell the intensity in the strike was not there. Probably could have upped the numbers some drifting, but today was big cat day. :wink:

    Thats fishing. :smile2:

    After the great catch in the middle of the day earlier this week I would bet the time to be out there this weekend is late afternoon until dark. :wink: