LKN 7-16-08, Flats and perch

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    Departed my dock at 6:30 AM with my trusted dog, Jackie, and off we went to find some perch. Twenty minutes later we were on them. The water temp. was 83.6 degrees and wind out of the NE. We boated 49 white perch and three small flatheads (3 to 6 pounds+-), plus the dog got a Sabiki hook in her lip. Grabbed her head in a heart beat and had it out as quick. Back at my dock a little after 9 AM, had perch prepared and vacuum sealed by 9:45 AM. Not a bad morning at all.

    PS, I dated photograph the 15, should have been 16.
  2. willcat

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    Wow, 49 perch, 3 flatties & a dog, that's a great morning Mac, that would have taken me all day to do!!!

  3. brother hilljack

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    Sounds like a nice time on the water. Congrats
  4. ThaBear

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    I knew you had those perch herded up and corralled somewhere, and we didn't get there Sunday??????....LOL:big_smile_2:

    I know why Jackie stayed on my lap most of last Sunday, she was afraid of being caught by her Daddy...poor Jackie, sore lip.
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    I was out by 6 this morning. Went down to the dam, caught bait and drifted for stripers until 8. Four bites, no fish. Ran up to Rocky creek and drifted. My son caught a 8 pound blue and a big yellow perch. He caught the perch on a sabiki rig we were drifting. I caught 1 trash fish about 2-3 lbs, a gar that was about 3 feet long and 2 blues that were about 4 lbs and 15 lbs. We had a great drift wind, I wish I had not messed with the striper fishing. It killed a bunch of time we should have catfishing. As I write this my 19 year son and 3 of his friends are out night fishing. I hope my equipment is in tack when they get back so I can get out in the morning. Day one of vacation!!!