LKN 1/18 Fishing Report

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    About 1 I passed a boat and we had the following exchange. Me: Doing any good, Other boat: Nope, but man it is great to get out of the house. That summerizes yesterday very well.

    I thought yesterday had the makings of a great fishing day. The nice weather did not produce a decent bite. I was striper fishing and in 5 hours all I caught was 1 22inch, 2 spots and 1 largemouth and all of these fish were caught in the first 2 hours of day light.

    I fished the main channel and the Mccleary creek most of the morning. The water temp was between 49 aand 56 depending how close I got to mile marker 15.

    It was the most crowded I have seen the lake since summer. I guess everyone has cabin fever. Bass boats going 60 MPH everywhere. I get a good laugh when they come sreaming by looking like a NASCAR driver with their helmets on and their sponser patches on their jackets.
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    Funny.....I'd commented to a couple of friends that I felt like I had been to a NASCAR race instead of fishing!
    Didn't do any good myself.