LK Norman Jan 25 report

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    Got out on the water about 7:45, the water temp was 49 degrees. The air temp was 30 degrees. I went back to the area at the entrance to stumpy creek. The area is a large circular spance and on the south end reduces to three deep coves. As I got in the bay I saw birds diving for bait in the east of the two coves. I got in the area and on the second cast with a white bucktail I caught a 4.5 lb striper. I stayed in the area and about 10 minutes later I caught another. It turned out to be my largest of the year. It was a tad under 7 pounds (let's call it 7). This area is full of bait. I was picking up bait balls non-stop through the area

    I use a light spinning rig with 6 pound line when I cast. The stripers on Norman ususally do not get much bigger than 7 pounds, it is a blast if you catch one on a light rig. As fast as it came it went.

    Since I had a couple in the boat I cut up some bait for cats. 2 solid hours of slow trolling and not a bite. The cat bite is very slow. I am not sure if the water needs to warm up or it was my cut up shiners not being on the menu.

    I am heading out to see if I can reproduce what happened yesterday.